Our ROOKIE Detail Package starts with a thorough foam hand wash and deep cleaning of the wheels and tires. The bugs are removed and door/ trunk jambs are cleaned. Then, we dry the vehicle using compressed air to minimize any drips, microfiber towels for a fine finish, wheel wells cleaned and apply shine to the tires.

The interior gets a light wipe down & compressed air to the dash, seats, cup-holders and doors. Then a thorough vacuum of common areas. We finish by cleaning the windows, taking requests per aroma of choice, and making sure any shiny surfaces throughout the vehicle are left streak-free.

Our Varsity Detail Package includes the benefits of our Rookie Detail Package. This time, we clay bar the entire paint surface of the vehicle and add spray wax, which is 2-3 months protection. Then we apply tire shine. However, this package will not remove contaminants such as hard water spots, or correct any swirling or paint imperfections already present.

Premium Interior Detail ONLY: Bring your interior back to life! This service includes a deep cleaning of all interior surfaces such as door panels, cup holders, buttons/switches, vents, under & in-between seats, etc.

• Sanitizing air purifier + UV Lighting ( Kills 99.9% viruses and bacteria)
• Pet hair removal *Additional charges may occur*
• Remove stains & body oil from leather, and receive conditioning
• Clean, protect & protect dash, steering wheel, consoles, door panels
• Hot water shampoo extraction for cloth seats and carpets.

Our PRO Detail Package adds both shine & protection. This option is perfect to keep your paint looking fresh! We start with our in-depth hand wash, including a process of decontamination to remove contaminants. Then we apply a carnauba paste wax and banana oil formulated for the heat. However, this package will not correct any scratches or swirling already present.

This includes our Premium Interior Detail exception of the air purifier and hot water shampoo extraction.

Our ALL PRO Detail Package is the difference maker when trying to bring your paint back to life and make it more visually appealing. We start with our in-depth hand wash, thorough decontamination and proper drying of the vehicle. Then the vehicle's paint receives a 1 step polish to correct any light scratches, swirls or scuffs. Lastly, a spray ceramic coating is applied for protection for up to 6-8 months.

This includes our Premium Interior Detail

This includes our Premium Interior Detail
Additional charges
● Excess mud or sand
● Pet hair
● Excess personal belongings
● Trash
● Tree sap or road tar
● Vomit and biohazards

Protecting your assets fuels us. We offer different levels of service on a weekly, biweekly and monthly basis. Being a part of T-Fat’s Autospa Membership Club will save you time and money! Members receive 10% off ADD-ON details These plans are designed for those who want to make sure their vehicle is properly maintained and kept in the best condition. This may include a consultation to determine if an initial full detail is needed.

T-Fat’s Autospa Membership Club receives 2 Rookie Detail Packages per month ( Bi-Weekly) + every 2 months a Pro Package Detail included in pricing!

1 Car - $100 a month ($50 per visit) Total saving $20 monthly

2 Cars - $180 a month ( $45 per visit) Total Saving $60 monthly

3 Cars - $245 a month ( $41 per visit) Total saving $115 monthly

SUV/Truck ADD $20/Month

● Members will be Invoiced monthly.

● Business Fleet and Corporate Accounts Available! Call us today for custom pricing!

Can I Cancel Anytime? Yes! Members are not obligated by any contract to stay in the club. Members may leave the Autospa Club whenever they choose. We ask that any Member wishing to cancel their membership to contact us within 2 weeks before your next billing cycle!

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