was given a recommendation for a guy who I should contact via instagram. I could never get a hold of him. Yelp got me pointed in the direction of TFat's AutoSpa and I haven't looked back since.

TFat's does an amazing job of bringing my car to a "just off the showroom floor" look every time. Not only do they know how to make a car look good, they know what to do to keep it in pristine shape. They understand the science behind paint, layers of protection, materials, surface defect corrections, and so much more.

After pondering it for a little while, I requested TFat's hook me up with an exterior ceramic coating to preserve the paint for years to come. They labored over the vehicle for 11 hours; surgically stripping away at the unnecessary and sacrificial layers that needed replacement, until all that was left was a perfect coat of paint. Then they carefully applied the Ceramic coating. Let me tell you, I've never seen a gray car look so good. It's a milky and reflective property that's difficult to capture in pictures. It rained the day after. A quick hit with the leaf blower and all of the water ran directly off the vehicle like it never belonged there in the first place.

I'll be getting my wife's new truck their Ceramic protection service as well. I would recommend TFat's to anyone who is serious about taking care of their vehicle at a great cost. Cannot beat the value. Thanks TFat's!

Arleen Spenceley


FANTASTIC job detailing my car. TFat's found a way to work me in with short notice and left my car spotless, inside and out. Highly recommend.

taylor contat


Love the company! Techs are on time, very professional, and do an amazing job. Will never go to another place for a detail. Definitely recommend!

Debbie Dargavell


Incredible work! My 13 year old car looks like new. Seriously! I had it detailed months ago by someone else, and there was no comparison! I’m a believer.

BoB Noriega


Attention to detail, specialized products, great customer service, on time every time. Tfats auto spa hits the mark every single time. As the owner of Mercedes, BMW, Audi, it’s hard to find a company that cares as much as you do. These guys got the gift! Thank you!

Grace Carol


Where do I even begin? First of all, the booking system is straightforward and simple to use. A truck was available for the very next day, and the team arrived almost exactly at the earliest time they quoted me online. (For context: we live 35 minutes outside of Tampa proper on a no-traffic day)

The two gentlemen who came out did so much more than detail our cars. On the other end of this service, our “well-loved” (AKA filthy) cars look brand new — truly the boast of our neighborhood. My windshield hasn’t been so clean since I bought the car, and my seats have never looked newer.

And then! The price was beyond reasonable given the quality of work. For the price they quote online, you might expect a decent detail job and a mint pine tree air freshener, but T-Fat’s crew went above and beyond for us. 10/10 would recommend. TJ and his folks are the best you can ask for when it comes to vehicle TLC.

Karisa Zamy


T-fats is the best mobile detailing in town! They are fast, efficient and go straight to you! TJ ang his team do an awesome job. My car looks amazing and couldn’t be happier with the results. I will be continuing to use T-fats to keep my car looking great!!

Kathy Austin


The TFat’s AutoSpa team did a fantastic job detailing my car and their customer friendly approach was top notch. I treasure my car and love that they will provide auto detailing at my office regularly. Great job!

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