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★★★★★ | Kristin Lawrence

We were so incredibly impressed with T Fat's Auto Spa! They came to our home to detail my husband's truck for over two hours and it is immaculate! They were also extremely kind and friendly and made the whole experience very easy by bringing all of their own materials while working in our driveway. We were extremely happy with our overall experience with them and look forward to using them again!

★★★★★ | Sergio Florez

Great service and customer service

★★★★★ | Ranie Nanie

My car looked great after the desperate need of a car wash. Friendly service was amazing

★★★★★ | Melodi Budovsky

Fast, friendly, and thorough service! I got the Rookie Package with a shampoo treatment added on and I couldn't be happier. The best part was they came to my office to do the job so I could still be productive at work and not spend my off time waiting for the cleaning- just AWESOME! Thanks T-Fat's!

★★★★★ | Strider Thomas

Not only was the detail work immaculate but these guys are very friendly too! I got the Pro package with clay bar and my ride has never looked better. Now I have them do a basic detail every 2-3 weeks and my car is always super clean. I've used detail services for 20 years and T-fats is easily the best in both customer service and quality work. If you want it done right these are your guys! 10/10

★★★★★ | Marvin Kloss

The best mobile detailing guy in the Bay Area. I’ve always hand washed my cars and paid attention to detail. I never liked bringing my cars through a regular car wash so I finally gave in and it’s been such a great decision. These guys do it the right way every time and treat the car like it’s their own. They showed up right to my door and were ready to get to work! TJ is great with customer service and scheduling as well.

★★★★★ | Christopher Nauman

I usually was my car myself and in the last 18 months have only had one place hand wash it for me twice and that was TFat’s and they did a great job both times. If you are feeling lazy one day and want someone else to wash your car and do a great job, give TFat’s a try!

★★★★★ | Chelsea Drinkard

I forgot to make an appointment and booked but still fit me in! Great attention to detail and my car has never looked better.

I have already referred TFat’s to friends!

★★★★★ | Allie Torrence

They came to my office for mobile detailing. Hard workers and did an excellent job.

★★★★★ | Ryan Akers

Have had my Carrera S washed at TFat’s multiple times and fully detailed. Always a quality job and even better customer service. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for the best in the Tampa/St. Pete area

★★★★★ | Michael Pabon

This company partners with my apartment complex to provide car cleaning from the comfort of my home. Incredible service and excellent work for the staff. My car feels and looks great. TJ (CEO) provided 5-star customer service. I plan on returning to this auto spa.

★★★★★ | Travi Ja

The service I received from T-Fats was WONDERFUL. I’m so excited about my car. They went above and beyond!!

Please go to them to get your car clean. 👏 👏

My car honestly speaking was soooo dirty. My back window was broken for awhile so it would rain in my car. My floors were wet! They shampooed and cleaned my car so good. I wanted to cry. I had to give them a hug.

★★★★★ | James Marchena

These guys are the best. They have amazing customer service, great work ethic, do an amazing job and at a great price. Somehow they got my girlfriends crazy dirty van spotless inside and out. Would give more stars if possible and will recommend to everyone and anyone.

★★★★★ | Moment with Me

First time experience and I am greatly satisfied! Pays attention in detail! Takes his time and make sure you’re well taken care of! I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a good car detailing! Also you’ll enjoy the island music!

★★★★★ | Angela Royster

Very very very professional and wonderful experience!!! The whole staff was friendly and caring and made the visit so welcoming. My car looked brand new and was completely spotless!!! I have OCD and I'm very picky on what I call I always seem to be displeased with the places I go to but I have finally found a permanent place to go!!! These guys really had me impressed!!! I definitely recommend this place if you want to get the best car wash in Tampa!!! Thank you again TFat's AutoSpa!!!

★★★★★ | Carlette Hargrove

Great service at customer service

★★★★★ | Christopher Nash

These guys are very professional. Handwashed and waxed my car. They went above and beyond my expectations. I highly recommend them.

★★★★★ | Daniel Garcia

These guys are it! Professional, fast, courteous and they always do an amazing job. I always come here.

★★★★★ | Karolay Andrea

Wow those guys are awesome!!!! I really love their work. Thank you sooo much. Anything better clean like they do. Great job! Cust 100% satisfatied. 😃

★★★★★ | Katherine DiBenedetto

★★★★★ |

TJ was super helpful and everyone working was really friendly. I got the most basic service and I still feel like they took their time and were very detailed. My car looks 100% better and I will definitely be coming back. Thanks guys :)

★★★★★ | Greg Cannon

Full shampoo treatment for pizza delivery vehicle. Came out spotless! Thanks, guys.

★★★★★ | Rosemarie Haas

Super friendly and beyond efficient, I am officially hooked on keeping my car looking fresh at a super affordable price. Check out ladies day on a Wednesday’s for additional offers and enjoy your new car feel after these guys are done with it!

★★★★★ | Samantha Roberts

Amazing service, professionalism, and attention to detail! TJ and his team really go the extra mile! My husband’s 10 year old truck looks brand new. It’s beyond what I thought was possible. Thanks for the Ford facelift!

★★★★★ | Carmen Brantley

The service I received today was needed and appreciated. Their customer service was exceptional and courteous. I plan to go back again and again so that they can keep my car looking and smelling great! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

★★★★★ | A H

Tried their service for the first time and definitely will use them for now on. The guys were polite, professional, and friendly! The prices are reasonable and there was not one thing skipped or missed. Believe me I check! My car was cleaned beautifully and I love the added benefit of the car smell they provided at no additional charge. Great service, great price, great work! I'll be back!.

★★★★★ | Paul Haire

I used TFat's AutoSpa for the first time yesterday. It certainly won't be the last. It is at a convenient location. They did a terrific job on my SUV and at a fair price. TJ (the owner) truly understands 5 Star Customer Service. Give him a try. You won't regret it.

★★★★★ | Key Harris

I got the rookie package on my car and the outcome was just amazing . They took there time and throughly cleaned my car paying close attention to detail! I drove from ruskin Fl and it was well worth it. Thanks tfatsauto spa you have a new customer for good!

★★★★★ | danielle grabowski

Had a great experience here! Awesome service and a great detail! They care about your car! Next time you need a detail, check them out! Love the location too! 👏

★★★★★ | donna abrams

My minivan was a wreck and tfat Auto Spa made my minivan look brand new. It is clean it smells good I'm absolutely 100% satisfied with the service with friendliness quick finishing touches I will be going back very soon.

★★★★★ | Allen Thomas

They are awsome! I will only go to them to get my car cleaned! Looks brand new every time! The price is so reasonable!

★★★★★ | Esque Dollar

Great service. My truck looks awesome. Really good people.

★★★★★ | Kendra Baker

Hand wash, high attention to detail, and great location!!! TJ has done an amazing job on my Vehicle and he is truly a professional. Highly recommended! Do not waste your $$ at a drive thru car wash!

★★★★★ | Vivian Stewart

Ommmmmmg they did a great job with my car I love these guys........ I will be back

★★★★★ | Keir Chiropractic, PLLC

Dorrell and TJ are awesome.

"Those in the know" come here for the best auto-detail around!

★★★★★ | Don Fiumarella

Excellent service and attention to detail. T Fat & Durell are the best!

★★★★★ | austin lozada

Staff does amazing work here they understood my need and went over beyond what I expected ... I was impressed by there politeness and professionalism... thank you once again...

★★★★★ | Diana Espinoza

I started taking my car to Tfat's around February and have been going every weekend since ! The staff is very friendly and professional and do one hell of a job of ensuring a clean car and experience . I was able to drop off my car to get the seats shampooed and detailed and once finished the owner himself (Tj) gave me a call to let me know he was finished and when ever I was ready I could come pick my car up. Needless to say my experience is always a 5 star treatment every time without hassle ! Thanks Tfat's !

★★★★★ | Colony Reeves

If you want a professional experience with great customer service, go to T-Fat's AutoSpa! They always leave my car looking brand new!